The Economic History Review


Volume 36 Issue 1
Pages: 124-176
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1983.tb01227.x

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Book reviewed in this article: REVIEW OF PERIODICAL LITERATURE, 1981 Henry Phelps Brown and Sheila V. Hopkins.A Perspective of Wages and Prices. T. H. Lloyd.Alien Merchants in England in the High Middle Ages. J. A. Raftis.A Small Town in Late Medieval England: Godmanchester, 1278-1400. Mary Prior.Fisher Row: Fishermen, Bargemen, and Canal Boatmen in Oxford, 1500-1900. Kenneth D. Brown.The English Labour Movement, 1700-1951. Jennifer Tann James Walvin Malcolm I. Thomis and Jennifer Grimmett.Women in Protest, 1800-1850. Dennis Smith.Conflict and Compromise: Class Formation in English Society, 1830-1914. M. A. Crowther.The Workhouse System, 1834-1929: The History of an English Social Institution. Olive Checkland and Margaret Lamb Ken Young and Patricia L. Garside.Metropolitan London: Politics and Urban Change, 1837-1981. Studies in Urban History Series, 6. David Hoseason Morgan.Harvesters and Harvesting, 1840-1900: A Study of the Rural Proletariat. Theo Barker and Michael Drake Dermot Keogh.The Rise of the Irish Working Class: The Dublin Trade Union Movement and Labour Leadership, 1890-1914. Diana Gittens.Fair Sex: Family Size and Structure, 1900-39. Kathleen Burk J. M. Lee and Martin Petter.The Colonial Office, War, and Development Policy: Organisation and the Planning of a Metropolitan Initiative, 1939-1945. Angus MacKay. Money, Prices, and politics in Fifteenth-Century Castile. La economia espanola al final del Antiguo Regimen. Judith C. Brown.In the Shadow of Florence: Provincial Society in Renaissance Pescia. John M. Merriman Richard J. Evans Fred Singleton and Bernard Carter.The Economy of Yugoslavia. Roger Munting.The Economic Development of the USSR. Michael Mitterauer and Reinhard Sieder.The European Family: Patriarchy to Partnership from the Middle Ages to the Present. Dan P. Silverman.Reconstructing Europe after the Great War. Felipe Fernaandez-Armesto.The Canary Islands after the Conquest: The Making of a Colonial Society in the Early Sixteenth Century. P. L. Wickens.An Economic History of Africa from the Earliest Times to Partition. Ross Fitzgerald.From the Dreaming to 1915: A History of Queensland. David W. Galenson.White Servitude in Colonial America: An Economic Analysis. Edward K. Spann.The New Metropolis: New York City, 1840-1857. John H. Coatsworth.Growth Against Development: The Economic Impact of Railroads in Porfirian Mexico. M. H. J. Finch.A Political Economy of Uruguay since 1870. N. Charlesworth.British Rule and the Indian Economy, 1800-1914. Earl H. Kinmonth.The Self-Made Man in Meiji Japanese Thought: From Samurai to Salary Man. Tony Smith.The Pattern of Imperialism: The United States, Great Britain, and the Late-Industrializing World since 1815. Winfried Baumgart.Imperialism: The Idea and Reality of British and French Colonial Expansion, 1880-1914. Jorma Ahvenainen A. G. Kenwood and A. L. Lougheed.Technological Diffusion and Industrialisation before 1914. Michael Chisholm.Modern World Development: A Geographical Perspective.