The Economic History Review


Volume 35 Issue 4
Pages: 620-655
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1982.tb01220.x

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Book review in this Article Robert A. Dodgshon. Land and Society in Early Scotland. Keith Wrightsok, EngliskSociety, 1580.1680. Eileen and Stephen Yeo (EDS.). Popular Culture and Class Conflict, 1590.1914: Explorations in the History of Labour and Leisure. Keith Lindley. Fenland Riots and the English Revolution. Peter Clark (Ed.). Country Towns in Pre.industrial England. R. S. Neale. Bath: A Social History, 1680.1850. R. W. Malcolmson. Life and Labour in England, 1700.1780. Eric Richards. A History of the Highland Clearances: Agrarian Transformation and the Evictions, 1746.1886. Oliver MacDonagh. The Inspector General: Sir Jeremiah Fitzpatrick and Social Reform, 1783.1802. David Jones. Crime, Protest, Community, and Police in Nineteenth.Century Britain. Markus Elsasser. Die Rochdaler Pioniere: Religiose Einfliisse in ihrer Bedeutung fur die Entstehung der Rochdaler Pioniergenossenschaft von 1844. James Epstein. The Lion of Freedom: Feargus O’Connor and the Chartist Movement, 1832.1842. Joyce M. Bellamy and John Saville (Eds.). Dictionary of Labour Biography. Volume VI. W. Hamish Fraser. The Coming of the Mass Market, 1850.1914. F. M. L. Thompson (Ed.). The Rise of Suburbia. Peter J. Aspinall and Daphne M. Hudson (Edited and with contributions by RICHARD LAWTON). Ellesmere Port: The Making of an Industrial Borough. Richard Clark. Anglo.American Economic Collaboration in War and Peace, 1942.1949. Edited by Alec Cairncross. Frances Cairncross (Ed.). Changing Perceptions of Economic Policy: Essays in Honour of the Seventieth Birthday of Sir Alec Cairncross. Sidney Pollard. The Wasting of the British Economy. Richard Bonney. The King’s Debts: Finance and Politics in France, 1589.1661. Wolfram Engels and Hans Pohl (Eds.), German Yearbook onBusiness History, 1981. G. Sivery. Structures agraires et vie rurale dans le Hainaut a la fin du Moyen Age. Paul M. M. Klep. Bevolking en Arbeid in Transformatie: Een Onderzoek in Brabant, 1700.1900. G. L. de Brabander. Regional Specialization, Employment, and Economic Growth in Belgium between 1846 and 1970. William M. Bowsky. A Medieval Italian Commune: Siena under the Nine, 1287.1355. Joseph Goy and Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie. Tithe and Agrarian History from the Fourteenth to the Nineteenth Century: An Essay in Comparative History. Translated by Susan Burke. Michael W. Flinn. The European Demographic System, 1500.1820. Bruce McGowan. Economic Life in Ottoman Europe: Taxation, Trade and the Struggle for Land, 1600.1800. Clive Trebilcock. Goran Ahlstrom. Engineers and Industrial Growth. Edwin J. Perkins. The Economy of Colonial America. Thomas Dublin (Ed.). Noble David Cook. Demographic Collapse: Indian Peru, 1520.1620. Walter Rodney. A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881.1905. W. G. Rimmer. Portrait of a Hospital: The Royal Hobart. Harvey J. Graff. Literacy and Social Development in the West: A Reader. Henri Baudet and Henk van der Meulen (Eds.). Consumer Behaviour and Economic Growth in the Modern Economy.