The Economic History Review


Volume 34 Issue 4
Pages: 643-696
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1981.tb02022.x

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Review in this Article P. L. Cottrell and D. H. Alcroft (Eds.). Shipping, Trade and Commerce: Essays in Memory of Ralph Davis. C. Dyer. Lords and Peasants in a Changing Society: The Estates of the Bishopric of Worcester, 680-1540. Philip Riden and John Blair (Eds.). History of Chesterfield, Volume 5: Records of the Borough of Chesterfield and Related Documents, 1204-1835. Colin Richmond. John Hopton: A Fifteenth-Century Suffolk Gentleman. David Hey. Packmen, Carriers and Packhorse Roads: Trade and Communications in North Derby shire and South Yorkshire. Barrie Trinder and Jeff Cox (Eds.). Yeoman and Colliers in Telford: Probate Inventories for Dawley, Lilleshall, Wellington and Wrockwardine, 1660-1750. Alan Macfarlane. The Justice and the Mare’s Ale R. S. Neale. Class in English History, 1680-1850. George Shelton. Dean Tucker and Eighteenth Century Economic and Political Thought. J. Rule. The Experience of Labour in Eighteenth-Century Industry. Derek Fraser (Ed.). A History of Modern Leeds. W. B. Stephens. Adult Education and Society in an Industrial Town: Warrrington, 1800-1900. A. F. J. Brown. Colchester, 1815-1914. David Harkness and Mary O’Dowd (Eds.). The Town in Ireland. W. A. McCutcheon. The Industrial Archaeology of Northern Ireland. Stephen Fisher (Ed.). West Country Maritime and Social History: Some Essays. E. H. Hunt. British Labour History, 1815-1914. F. K. Prochaska. Women and Philanthropy in Nineteenth-Century England. Olive Checkland. Philanthropy in Victorian Scotland: Social Welfare and the Voluntary Principle. Martin J. Wiener. English Culture and the Decline of the Industrial Spirit, 1850-1980. Keith Burgess. The Challenge of Labour: Shaping British Society, 1850-1930. W. R. Garside. The Measurement of Unemployment in Great Britain, 1850-1979: Methods and Sources. P. L. Payne. The Early Scottish Limited Companies, 1856-1895. Geoffrey Jones. The State and the Emergence of the British Oil Industry. Thea Thompson. Edwardian Childhoods. Gail Braybon. Women Workers in the First World War. Mark Swenarton. Homes Fit For Heroes: The Politics and Architecture of Early State Housing in Britain. John Macnicol. The Movement for Family Allowances, 1918-45: A Study in Social Policy Development. M. I. Lipman (with an introduction by J. Saville). Memoirs of a Socialist Businessman. Paul Uselding (Ed.). Research in Economic History Richard W. Unger. The Ship in the Medieval Economy, 600-1600. David Grigg. Population Growth and Agrarian Change: An Historical Perspective. Michael Anderson. Approaches to the History of the Western Family, 1500-1914. V. A. C. Gatrell, Bruce Lenman and Geoffrey Parker (Eds.). Crime and the Law: the Social History of Crime in Western Europe since 1500. Martin H. Korner. Solidarites financieres suisses au seizieme siecle. Anthony D. King (Ed.). Buildings and Society: Essays on the Social Development of the Built Environment. John J. McCusker. Money and Exchange in Europe and America, 1600-1775: A Handbook. Claude-Frederic LEavy. Capitalistes et pouvoir au siede des lumieres. Tome 3: La monarchie buissonniere, 1718-1723. Henry Kamen. Spain in the Later Seventeenth Century Josefina Cruz Villalon. Propiedad y usa de la tierra en la Baja Andalucia: Carmona, siglos xviii-xx. Hannes Siegrist. Vom Familienbetrieb zum Manageruntemehmen: Angestellte und industrielle Organisation am Beispiel der Georg Fischer AG in Schaffhausen, 1797-1930. Geoffrey Ellis. Napoleon’s Continental Blockade: The Case of Alsace. George E. Carl. First Among Equals: Great Britain and Venezuela, 1810-1910. Maria L. Cavalcanti. Le relazioni commerciali tra il Regno di Napoli e la Russia, 1772-1815. Francesco Balletta. Le Due Sicilie e l’Egitto nel secolo XIX. Francesco Balletta. Il Banco di Napoli in Calabria al tempo della prima guerra mondiale. Paul G. E. Clemens. The Atlantic Economy and Colonial Maryland’s Eastern Shore: From Tobacco to Grain. Sidney Pollard (Ed.). Region und Industrialisierung. La dette publique aux XVIIIe et XIXe siecles. Son developpement sur le plan local, regional et national. Christian Schnakenbourg. Histoire de l’Industrie sucriere en Guadeloupe aux XIXe et XXe siecles. Tome I: la crise du systeme esclavagiste (1835-1847). W. H. Sewell. Work and Revolution in France: The Language of Labor from the Old Regime to 1848. James R. Lehning. The Peasants of Marines: Economic Development and Family Organization in Nineteenth-Century France. Hugh Clout. Agriculture in France on the Eve of the Railway Age. Eilert Sundt. On Marriage in Norway. Richard Tilly. Kapital, Staat und sozialer Protest in der deutschen Industrialisierung. Gesammelte Aufsatze. Carl F. Kaestle and Maris A. Vinovskis. Education and Social Change in Nineteenth-Century Massachusetts. Dolores Greenberg. Financiers and Railroads, 1869-1889: A Study of Morton, Bliss and Company. J. R. Hanson, II. Trade in Transition: Exports from the Third World, 1840-1900. Stephen Baier. An Economic History of Central Niger. W. L. Guttsman. The German Social Democratic Party, 1875-1933. R. W. Davies. The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia Ernest Mandel. Long Waves of Capitalist Development: The Marxist Interpretation.