The Economic History Review


Volume 32 Issue 2
Pages: 270-302
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1979.tb01692.x

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Book reviewed in this article GREAT BRITAIN John Patten. English Towns, 1500-1700. C. E. Challis. The Tudor Coinage. Brian Austen. English Provincial Posts, 1633-1840: A Study Based on Kent Examples. Joyce Oldham Appleby. Economic Thought and Ideology in Seventeenth-Century England. Gordon Jackson. The British Whaling Trade. Scottish Industrial History: A Miscellany. Hugh Malet. Bridgewater, The Canal Duke, 1736-1803 John Roach. Social Reform in England, 1780-1880. Martin Tillmanns. Bridge Hall Mills: Three Centuries of Paper and Cellulose Film Manufacture. Raymond Cowherd. Political Economists and the English Poor Laws. Eric J. Evans (Ed.). Social Policy, 1830-1914. Franclois Crouzet. LEconomic de la Grande-Bretagne Victorienne. Norman and Jeanne Mackenzie. The First Fabians. GENERAL T. W. Hutchison. On Revolutions and Progress in Economic Knowledge. P. A. Uselding (Ed.)- Research in Economic History, Vol. 2, 1977. R. E. F. Smith. Peasant Farming in Muscovy. E. Ashtor. Studies on the Levantine Trade in the Middle Ages. Wendy R. Childs. Anglo-Castilian Trade in the Later Middle Ages. David Herlihy and Christiane Klapisgh-Zuber. Les Toscans et leurs familles; une etude du catasto florentin de 1427. B. H. Slicher van Bath and A. C. Van Oss. Geschiedenis van maatschappij en cultuur. Charles Tilly (Ed.)- Historical Studies of Changing Fertility (Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1978. Alfred Hoffmann (Ed.)- Osterreich-Ungarn als Agrarstaat. Roman Sandgruber. Osterreichische Agrarstatistik, 1750-1918). J. Mokyr. Industrialization in the Low Countries, 1795-1850. M. Artola (Ed.). El latifundio. Propiedady explotacion, ss xviii-xx. Patrick O’Brien and Caglar Keyder. Economic Growth in Britain and France, 178O-1914: Two Paths to the Twentieth Century. Martin Kitchen. The Political Economy of Germany, 1815-1914. A. J. H. Latham. The International Economy and the Underdeveloped World, 1865-1914. Nora Levin. Jewish Socialist Movements, 1871-1917: While Messiah Tarried. Laura Randall. An Economic History of Argentina in the Twentieth Century. Sang-Chul Suh. Growth and Structural Changes in the Korean Economy, 1910-40.