The Economic History Review


Volume 25 Issue 1
Pages: 154-204
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1972.tb02171.x

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Book Reviews in this Article: J. B. Whitwell. Roman Lincolnshire. History of Lincolnshire. Vol. 11. (Lincoln: History of Lincolnshire Committee; Lincolnshire Local History Society R. Welldon Finn. Domesday Studies: The Norman Conquest and its Effects on the Economy, 1066-86 G. W. S. Barrow. Regesta Regum Scottorum. Vol. 11. The Acts of William I. Kenneth G. Ponting. The Woollen Industry of South-west England. Margery Kirkbride James (Ed. Elspeth M. Veale). Studies in the Medieval Wine Trade. John Hatcher. Rural Economy and Society in the Duchy of Cornwall, 1300-1500. Geoffrey C. Cowling. The History of Easingwold and the Forest of Galtres. (Huddersfield: R. B. Smith. Land and Politics in the England of Henry VIII W. J. Jones. The Elizabethan Court of Chancery. (Oxford) Cyril Hart. The Industrial History of Dean: with an introduction to its industrial archaeology. Frank Tyrer (Ed.). W. M. Stern. Britain Yesterday and Today: A. W. Coats (Ed.). The Classical Economists and Economic Policy. S. Pollard and J. Salt (Eds.) S. D. Chapman (Ed.). The History of Working Class Housing: a symposium Austin Mitchell. The Whigs in Otposition, 1815-1830 A. G. Kenwood and A. L. Lougheed. The Growth of the International Economy, 1820-1960: An Introductory Text. Harold Perkin. Dorothy Thompson. K. T. Rowland. The Great Britain. Monica Wilson and Leonard Thompson (Eds.) George Sayers Bain. The Growth of White-Collar Unionism. G. R. Searle. The Quest for National Efficiency. A Study in British Politics and Political Thought, Kenneth D. Brown. Robert Roberts. J. A. Allen. Studies in Innovation in the Steel and Chemical Industries Herbert Jankuhn. Ernst Klein. Ferdinand Tremel. Kolner Vortrage zur Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte, Elisabeth Johann. Greifswald-Stralsunder Jahrbuch, vol. 8, 1968-9. Georg Gruull. Werner Lippert. Friedrich-Wilhelm Henning. Friedrich-Wilhelm Henning. Werner Weidmann. Werner Hofmann. Gerd H. Hardach. Willy Fraunken. Hermann Schindler. Eduard Maurz. Heinz Hermanns. Klara van Eyll. Jacques Bernard. Navires et Gens de mer a Bordeaux Jean Meyer. Maurice Agulhon. Maurice Agulhon. Bertrand Gille. Rolande Trempea. Pierre Dupont-Gonin. G. Morlat and F. Bessiegre. Pierre Waline. Michel Vilain. Rural History, Modern and Contemporary