The Economic History Review


Volume 22 Issue 2
Pages: 342-391Authors: W. Ashworth, J. A. Raftis, Ronald L. Meek, Walter M. Stern, Michael Sanderson, D. G. Coleman, Alice Clare Carter, Arthur J. Taylor, W. E. Minchinton, Baron F. Duckham, Baron F. Duckham, Richard Storey, Sidney Pollard, Arthur J. Taylor, E. L. Jones, H. J. Perkin, G. R. Hawke, M. C. Reed, M. C. Reed, S. B. Saul, L. J. Williams, S. G. Checkland, K. G. Davies, Zuhayr Mikdashi, Denis Mack Smith, Brian Pullan, G.N Clark, David S. Landes, Toussaint Hočevar, J. N. Westwood, Thomas J. Orsagh, Walter M. Stern, Laurence Whitehead, Giovanni Vigo, Giorgio Porisini, Sergio Zaninelli, Sergio Zaninelli, Giovanni Vigo, Sergio Zaninelli, Giovanni Vigo, Alberto Cova, Giovanni Vigo, Giancarlo Origgi, Mathias Deighmann, Luciano Cafagna, Sergio Zaninelli
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1969.tb00179.x

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