The Economic History Review


Volume 17 Issue 3
Pages: 588-647Authors: R. H. Hilton, J. A. Raftis, Lawrence Stone, J. Steven Watson, Robert P. Beckinsale, T. C. Smout, J. Steven Watson, E. L. Jones, Keith Thomas, J. M. Houston, John Cannon, W. Kaye Lamb, W. Ashworth, W. O. Henderson, Alexander Gerschenkron, R. Cameron, Lance Davis, Jeffrey G. Williamson, Asa Briggs, Henry Pelling, Vernon Carstensen, Melvin G. de Chazeau, Forest G. Hill, Eric E. Lampard, Shepard B. Clough, Morton Rothstein, John B. Rae, A. G. Bogue, Mark Perlman, R. W. Ozanne, Nelson McClung, John B. Rae, Clair Morris, Leonard W. Weiss, J. G. Williamson, J. G. Williamson, Peter Temin, A. G. Bogue, M. Rothstein, J. G. Williamson, R. Cameron, D. J. Herlihy, C. Cipolla, Mario Abrate, Carlo M. Cipolla, Giulio Guderzo, Giuseppe Felloni
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1965.tb00102.x

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Book Reviews in This Article: C. D. Ross (Ed.). The Cartulary of Cirencester Abbey, Gloucestershire. Joyce Godber (Ed.). The Cartulary of Newnham Priory. Alice Beardwood. The Trial of Walter Langton, Bishop of Lichfield, 1307-1312. Peter Heath. Medieval Clerical Accounts. Calendar of the Patent Rolls. Preserved in the Public Record Office. Elizabeth I, vol. IV, 1566-69. E. Ashworth Underwood (Ed.). A History of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London. Julia de L. Mann (Ed.). Documents Illustrating the Wiltshire Textile Trades in the Eighteenth Century. R. H. Campbell (Ed.). States of the Annual Progress of the Linen Manufacture, 1727-1754, From the Records of the Board of Trustees for Manufactures, etc., in Scotland preserved in the Scottish Record Office. Denis Gray. Spencer Perceval. The Evangelical Prime Minister, 1762-1812. J. Oxley Parker. The Oxley Parker Papers. From the Letters and Diaries of an Essex Family of Land Agents in the Nineteenth Century. J. A. and Olive Banks. Feminism and Family Planning in Victorian England. J. W. Birch. The Isle of Man. A Study in Economic Geography. I. Gray and E. Ralph (Eds.). Guide to the Parish Records of the City of Bristol and the County of Gloucester. GENERAL K. G. Davies (Ed.). Peter Skene Ogden’s Snake Country Journal, 1826-27. F. H. Hinsley (Ed.). The New Cambridge Modern History. T. H. Von Laue. Sergei Witte and the Industrialization of Russia. Alec Nove. Was Stalin Really Necessary? Some Problems of Soviet Political Economy. UNITED STATES Peter J. Coleman. The Transformation of Rhode Island, 1790-1860. Donald F. Swanson. The Origins of Hamilton’s Fiscal Policies. Adna Ferrini Weber. The Growth of Cities in the Nineteenth Century. Philip Taft. Organized Labor in American History. Ralph W. Hidy, Frank Ernest Hill, and Allan Nevins. Timber and Men: The Weyerhaeuser Story. Harold F. Williamson and Arnold R. Daum. The American Petroleum Industry. Harold F. Williamson, Ralph L. Andreano, Arnold R. Daum, Gilbert C. Klose. The American Petroleum Industry. Ping Chiu. Chinese Labor in California, 1850-1880: An Economic Study. Neal Potter and Francis T. Christy, Jr. Trends in Natural Resource Commodities: Statistics of Prices, Output, Consumption, Foreign Trade, and Employment in the United States. 1870-1957. Stanley Lebergott. Manpower in Economic Growth: The United States Record since 1800. Morton Keller. The Life Insurance Enterprise, 1885-1910. A Study in the Limits of Corporate Power. Walter Baron von Richthofen. Cattle-Raising on the Plains of North America. Lester Fields Sheffy. The Francklyn Land and Cattle Company: A Panhandle Enterprise, 1882-1957. W. M. Pearce. The Matador Land and Cattle Company. William H. Harvey. Coin’s Financial School. John W. Allen. Legends and Lore of Southern Illinois. David Brody. The Butcher Workman: A study of unionization. H. G. Lewis. Unionism and Relative Wages in the United States. Murray N. Rothbard. America’s Great Depression. Sidney Fine. The Automobile Under the Blue Eagle. Melvin L. Greenhut and W. Whitman, (Eds.) Essays in Southern Economic Development. Victor Fuchs. Productivity Trends in the Goods and Service Sectors, 1929-1961. A Preliminary Survey. George H. Borts and Jerome L. Stein. Economic Growth in a Free Market. Seymour E. Harris. Economics of the Kennedy Tears and a Look Ahead. Douglas Alan Fisher. The Epic of Steel. PERIODICAL LITERATURE EUROPE AND OTHER Libro (Il) Vermiglio di Corte di Roma e di Avignone del Segnale del C, della Compagnia fiorentina di Iacopo Girolami, Filippo Corbizzi e Tommaso Corbizzi, 1332-1337. A. Sisto, Banchieri feudatari subalpini nei secoli XII-XIV. L. Bulferetti, Agricoltura, industria e commercio in Piemonte nel secolo XVIII. G. Muttini Conti, La popolazione del Piemonte nel secolo XIX. M. Pagella, L’evoluzione economica delle colline dell’ astigiano. A. Della Rovere, La crisi monetaria siciliana, 1531-1802. A. Nobile Ventura, Le dottrine economiche nel periodo Umanistico Rinascimentale e nel Seicento. P. Rossi, I filosofi e le macchine, 1400-1700. Dante Zanetti, Problemi alimentari di una economia preindustriale – cereali a Pavia dal 1398 al 1700. Gabriele Lombardini, Pane e denaro a Bassano tra il 1501 e il 1799. G. Capodaglio, Fondazione e rendimento della Societa Italiana per le Strade Ferrate Meridionali. PERIODICAL LITERATURE, 1963.