The Economic History Review


Volume 14 Issue 3
Pages: 552-611
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1962.tb00066.x

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Book Review in this Articles R. Welldon Finn, The Domesday Inquest and the Making of Domesday Book. A. W. B. Simpson. An Introduction to the History of the Land Law. R. F. Hunnisett (Ed.). Bedfordshire Coroners’ Rolls. Miscellany I. Calendar of the Patent Rolls: Elizabeth I, vol. iii. F. J. Fisher (Ed.). Essays in the Economic and Social History of Tudor and Stuart England. Acts of the Privy Council of England. May 1629 to May 1630. Christopher Hill. The Century of Revolution, 1603-1714. Richard Pares: The Historian’s Business and other Essays. Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter. English Overseas Trade Statistics 1697-1808. P. M. G. Dickson. The Sun Insurance Office 1710-1960. The History of Two and a half Centuries of British Insurance. C. Stella Davies, The Agricultural History of Cheshire 1750-1850. G. W. Hilton. The Truck System, including a history of the British Truck Acts, 1465-1960. J. D. Chambers. The Workshop of the World: British Economic History from 1820 to 1880. H. P. White. A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain. P. L. Payne. Rubber and Railways in the Nineteenth Century. R. Robinson and J. Gallagher, with A. Denny. Africa and the Victorians. S. Maccoby. English Radicalism: the End? Gino Luzzatto. An Economic History of Italy from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the Sixteenth Century. Istituto di storia economica e sociale dell’Universita di Napoli, Annali G. Quazza, L’industria laniera e cotoniera in Piemonte dal 1831 al 1861 M. Abrate. L’industria siderurgica e meccanica in Piemonte dal 1831 al 1861 P. Norsa and M. Da Pozzo. Imposte e tasse in Piemonte durante il periodo cavouriano. A. Caracciolo. Stato e societa civile. Problemi dell’Unificazione italiana M. Monaco. La situazione della Reverenda Camera Apostolica nell’anno 1525. A. Sapori. Attivita manifatturiera in Lombardia dal 1600 al 1914 J. Nadal and E. Giralt. La Population Catalane de 1553 a 1717. V. Vasquez de Prada. Lettres marchandes d’Anvers. Edward C. Kirkland. Industry Comes of Age. Business, Labor, and Public Policy, 1860-97. The Economic History of the United States M. A. Jones. American Immigration. Joseph Rayback. A History of American Labor. Paul W. Gates. The Farmer’s Age: Agriculture, 1815-60 (The Economic History of the United States. James Don Edwards. History of Public Accounting in the United States. Trends in the American Economy in the Nineteenth Century. Studies in Income and Wealth. John A. Garraty. Right-Hand Man: The Life of George W. Perkins. E. Ray Canterbery. The President’s Council of Economic Advisers: A Study of its Functions and its Influence on the Chief Executive’s Decisions. Douglass C. North. The Economic Growth of the United States, 1790-1860. Robert Latouche. The Birth of Western Economy. Robert L. Reynolds. Europe Emerges. Transition toward an Industrial World-Wide Society, 600-1750. Alan Conway (Ed.). The Welsh in America: Letters from the Immigrants. Gerhard Bry. Wages in Germany 1871-1945. James Hogan (Ed.). Historical Studies. M. H. Gopal. The Finances of Mysore State, 1799-1831.