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Volume 11 Issue 1
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Pages: 154-214
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1958.tb01636.x

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Books reviewed in this article: GREAT BRITAIN J. M. Holden. The History of Negotiable Instruments in English Law. W. G. Hoskins. The Midland Peasant: The Economic and Social History of a Leicestershire Village. H. R. Schubert. History of the British Iron and Steel Industry from c. 450 B.C. to A.D. 1775. N. J. M. Kerling. Commercial Relations of Holland and Zeeland with England from the late Thirteenth Century to the close of the Middle Ages. G. R. Elton. England Under the Tudors. Joan Thirsk. English Peasant Farming. The Agrarian History of Lincolnshire from Tudor to Recent Times. M. W. Beresford. History on the Ground. G. D. Ramsay. English Foreign Trade During the Centuries of Emergence. L. Stone. An Elizabethan: Sir Horatio Palavicino. M. E. Finch. The Wealth of Five Northamptonshire Families 1540-1640. StephenB. Baxter. The Development of the Treasury 1660-1702. K. G. Davies. The Royal African Company. Hudson’s Bay Copy Booke of Letters Commissions Instructions Outward 1688-1696. Edited by E. E. Rich, assisted by Miss A. M. Johnson, with an introduction by K. G. Davies. Joseph Stassert. Malthus et la Population. L. Radzinowicz. A History of English Criminal Law and its Administration from 1750. Leslie Jones. Shipbuilding in Britain, Mainly Between the two World Wars. A History of the County of Oxford. Ed. Mary D. Lobel. Vol. V, Bullingdon Hundred. B. Wilkinson. Constitutional History of Medieval England 1216-1399, vol. III, The Development of the Constitution 1216-1399. J. Conway Davies (Ed.). Studies presented to Sir Hilary Jenkinson. Frank W. Jessup. A History of Kent. H. P. R. Finberg (Ed.). Gloucestershire Studies. E. W. W. Veale (Ed.). The Great Red Book of Bristol. Text (Part III). Calendar of Kent Feet of Fines to the end of Henry III’s reign. Prepared by Irene J. Churchill, R. Griffin and F. W. Hardman, with an introduction by F. W. Tessup. H. J. Hewitt. The Black Prince’s Expedition of 1355-1357. A. F. Cirket (Ed.). English Wills, 1408-1526; and Bette Stitt (Ed.). Diana Astry’s Recipe Book, c. 1700. K. L. Wood-Legh (Ed.). A Small Household of the XVth Century. W. G. Hoskins (Ed.). Exeter in the Seventeenth Century: Tax and Rate Assessments, 1602-1699. J. P. M. Fowle (Ed.). Wiltshire Quarter Sessions and Assizes, 1736. F. H. Maud. The Hockerill Highway: the story of the origin and growth of a stretch of the Norwich road. T. Balston. James Whatman, Father and Son. Kurt Samuelsson. Ekonomi och religion. Birgitta Oden. Rikets uppbord och utgift. Statsfinanser och finansjorvaltning under senate 1500-talet. Ingrid Hammarstrom. Finansforvaltning och varuhandel 1504-1540. Studier i de yngre Sturarnas och Gustav Vasas statshushdllning. Gunnar Fridlizius. Swedish Corn Export in the Free Trade Area. Patterns in the Oats Trade 1850-1880. H. van der Linden. De Cope, Bijdrage tot de Rechtsgesckiedenis van de openlegging der Hollands-Utrecktse Laagvlakte. Christiane Pierard. Les douaires de Jeanne de Brabant en Hainaut. Lewis Hanke. The imperial city of Potosi. An unwritten chapter in the history of Spanish America. The short but excellent study by L. Hanke on Potosi, which has already become a classic in the Spanish edition (Sucre, 1954), has at last been published in English with all the desirable wealth of illustrations. Rudolf Rezsohazy. Histoire du Mouvement Mutualiste Chretien en Belgique. J. A. P. G. Boot and A. Blonk. Van smiet- tot snelspoel. De opkomst van de Twents-Gelderse textielindusirie in het begin van de negentiende eeuw. Gedenkboek 150 jaren Hollandsche Societeit van Levensverztkeringen, N.V., 1807-1957. E. A. B. J. Ten Brink. De Rotterdamsche Telegraafmaatschappij 1854-1884. Een episode uit de begintijd van de electrische telegrqfie in Nederland. Ger. H. Knap. Gekroonde Koopvaart. Reisresultaat van honderd jaar zeevaart door de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoombootmaatschappij, 1856-1956. Compagnie du Ckemin de Far du Bas-Congo au Katanga, 1906-1956. R. B. Harteveld and H. R. Wortman under the editorial supervision of Prof. H. J. Keuning. Gedenkboek De Vries Robbe, N.V., Gorimhem, 1881-1956. Jean Stengers. Combien le Congo a-t-il coutea la Belgique? (Academie royale des Sciences coloniales. Classe des Sciences morales et politiques. Memoires in-8o, nouvelle serie, t.XI, fasc. 1. Brussels, 1957. Pp. 394. B.frs. 525.) J. A. Sporck. Lactivite industrielle dans la region liegeoise. Etude de geographic economique. W. Kloosterboer. Bibliografie van Nederlandse publicaties over Portugal en zijn overzeese gebiedsdelen. Taal, Literatuur, Geschiedenis, Land en Volk. Donald Creighton. Harold Adam Innis. Portrait of a Scholar. E. C. Kirkiand. Dream and Thought in the Business Community 186-1900. Samuel P. Hays. The Response to Industrialism: 1885-1914. T. C. Cochran. The American Business System: A Historical Perspective 1900-1955. M. R. Benedict. Can We Solve the Farm Problem? An Analysis of Federal Aid to Agriculture with the Report and Recommendations of the Committee on Agricultural Policy. W. J. Easterbrook and H. J. G. Aitken. Canadian Economic History. John H. Dales. Hydroelectricity and Industrial Development-Quebec 1898-1940. E. P. Neufeld. Bank of Canada Operations, 1935-54. David C. Corbett. Canada’s Immigration Policy, a critique. R. F. Willetts. Aristocratic Society in Ancient Crete. R. S. Lopez and I. W. Raymond (Eds.). Medieval Trade in the Mediterranean World. Illustrative Documents Translated with Introductions and Notes. Michel Mollat and Olivier de Prat (Eds.). Le Ntwire et lEconomie Maritime du XVe au XVlIIe siecles. J. M. Wallace-Hadrill and J. McManners (Eds.). France, Government and Society. L. F. Haber. The Chemical Industry in the Nineteenth Century. A Study of the Economic Aspects of Applied Chemistry in Europe and North America. S. L. Sharma. Some Trends of Capitalist Concentration in India. B. H. Farmer. Pioneer Peasant Colonization in Ceylon.