The Economic History Review


Volume 44 Issue 1
Pages: 137-214
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1991.tb01270.x

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Book reviewed in this article: Margaret Bonney, Lordship and the urban community: Durham and its overlords, 1250-1540 Peter Borsay, The English urban renaissance: culture and society in the English provincial town, 1660-1770 Rosalind Mitchison and Leah Leneman, Sexuality and social control: Scotland, 1660-1780 J.E. Burnett and A.D. Morrison-Low, ‘Vulgar and Mechanick’: the scientific instrument trade in Ireland, 1650-1921 T. M. Devine, ed., Conflict and stability in Scottish society. Proceedings of the Scottish Historical Studies Seminar. University of Strathclyde, 1988-89 J. V. Beckett, The agricultural revolution Clive Behagg, Politics and production in the early nineteenth century Gregory Claeys, Citizens and saints: politics and anti-politics in early British socialism D. Gareth Evans, A history of Wales, 1815-1906 J.J. Van Helten and Y. Cassis, eds., Capitalism in a mature economy: financial institutions, capital exports and British industry, 1870-1939 W.R. Garside, British unemployment, 1919-1939: a study in public policy Richard Rodger, ed., Scottish housing in the twentieth century Peter Burnham, The political economy of postwar reconstruction Keith Middlemas, Power, competition and the state, 2: threats to the postwar settlement: Britain, 1961-1974 Max Munday, Japanese manufacturing investment in Wales David Herlihy, Opera muliebria: women and work in medieval Europe Herman Lebovics, The alliance of iron and wheat in the Third French Republic, 1860-1914: origins of the new conservatism Paul Weindling, Health, race and German politics between national unification and Nazism, 1870-1945 Hans-Joachim Braun, The German economy in the twentieth century: the German Reich and the Federal Republic Ian D. Turner, ed., Reconstruction in post-war Germany: British occupation policy and the western zones, 1945-1955 B.W. de Vries, From pedlars to textile barons: the economic development of a Jewish minority group in the Netherlands Richard C. Hoffmann, Land, liberties and lordship in a late medieval countryside: agrarian structures and change in the duchy of Wrocclaw David A. Dyker, Yugoslavia: socialism, development and debt Ben Eklof and Stephen P. Frank, eds., The world of the Russian peasant: post-emancipation culture and society Peter Scholliers, ed., Real wages in nineteenth and twentieth century Europe Wayne Thorpe, ‘The workers themselves’: revolutionary syndicalism and international labour, 1913-1923 Stephen A. Marglin and Juliet B. Schor, eds., The golden age of capitalism: reinterpreting the postwar experience Lee Soltow, Distribution of wealth and income in the United States in 1798 Michael Tadman, Speculators and slaves: masters, traders, and slaves in the Old South Don H. Doyle, New men, new cities, New South: Atlanta, Nashville, Charleston, Mobile, 1860-1910 Stephen Salter and John Stevenson, eds., The working class and politics in Europe and America, 1929-1945 Iwan W. Morgan, Eisenhower versus ‘the spenders’: the Eisenhower administration, the Democrats and the budget, 1953-60 Paul Gootenburg, Between silver and guano: Commercial policy and the state in post-independence Peru John Higginson, A working class in the making: Belgian colonial labor policy, private enterprise, and the African mineworker, 1907-1951 Frank Broeze, ed., Brides of the sea: port cities of Asia from the sixteenth-twentieth centuries Anand Chandavarkar, Keynes in India: a study in economics and biography Marie-Claire Bergere, The golden age of the Chinese bourgeoisie, 1911-1937 trans. Janet Lloyd David Faure, The rural economy of pre-liberation China: trade increase and peasant livelihood in Jiangsu and Guangdong, 1870 to 1937 Carl-Ludwig Holtfrerich, ed., Interactions in the world economy: perspectives from international economic history M. June Flanders, International monetary economics, 1870-1960 Evsey D. Domar, Capitalism, socialism and serfdom C.P. Kindleberger, Economic laws and economic history David C. Mowery and Nathan Rosenberg, Technology and the pursuit of economic growth