The Economic History Review


Volume 8 Issue 1
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Pages: 111-123
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1955.tb01551.x

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Book Review in this Articles Joseph Schumpeter. Economic Doctrine and Method, An Historical Sketch. Translated by R. Aris. Michael Robbins. A New Survey of England. Middlesex Bryan Little. The City and County Of Bristol. J. F. Rees. The Story of Milford. Yang Lien-Sheng. Money and Credit in China. A. Petino. Studi di Economia e Statistica J. U. Nef. La Naissance de la Civilisation industrielle et le Monde Contemporain. Woodrow Rorah. Early Colonial Trade and Navigation between Mexico and Peru. Sidney Pollard. Three Centuries of Sheffield Steel. (Published for Messrs Marsh Brothers and Company, Sheffield. Pp. 82.) Rodney Butler. Sukumar Bhattacharya. The East India Company and the Economy of Bengal, from 1704 to 1740. D. Hudson and K. W. Luckhurst. The Royal Society of Arts, 1754-1954. E. E. Rich (Editor). Moose Fort Journals, 1783-85. Frank Whitson Fetter (ed.). The Irish Pound. J. N. Primm. Economic Policy in the Development of a Western State. Missouri 1820-1860. Merle Curti and Kendall Burr. Prelude to Point Four. American Technical Missions Overseas, 1838-1938. V. D. Lipman. Social History of the Jews in England, 1850-1950. Oreste Popescu. El pensamiento socialy economico de Esteban Echeverria. Nils Orvik. Norge i Brennpunktet. John P. Windmuller. American Labor and the International Labor Movement 1940 to 1953.