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Volume 6 Issue 1
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Pages: 93-105
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1953.tb01490.x

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Book Review in this Articles S. B. Clough and C. W. Cole. Economic Histosy of Europe. Rudolf Kaulla. Staat, Stande und der gerechte Preis. H. E. Bell. An Introduction to the History and Recods of the Court of Wards and Liveries. G. E. Fussell. The Farmer’s Tools, 1500-1900. Further English Voyages to Spanish Amnica, 1583-1594. A. R. B. Haldane. TheDrove Roads of Scotland. Marjorie Plant. TheDomestic Lift of Scotland in the Eighteenth Century. S. K. Bhuyan. Anglo-Assamese Relations 1771-1826. A History of the Relations of Assam with the East India Company from 1771 to 1826, based on original EngliEh and Assamese sources. Jeremy Bentham. Economic Writings, Vol. I. Critical edition by W. Stark. Elspet Fraser-Stephen. Two Centuries in the London Coal Trade. The Story of Charringtons. Cumberland House Journals and Inland Journal 1775-82: First Series, 1775-79. Edited by E. E. Rich, assisted by A. M. Johnson, with an introduction by Richard Glover. Raymond A. Rydell. Cape Horn to the Pacific. R. A. Humphreys. Liberation in South America, 1806-1827, The Career of James Paroissen. A. Farnsworth. Addington, Author of the Modern Income Tax. J. D. Chambers, F. A. Wells and N. Haycocks. A Century of Nottingham History 1851-1951. David Wild. TheTale of a City: Geelong, 1850-1950. Seymour E. Harris. The Economics of New England. Edward C. Kirkland. Business in the Gilded Age. The Conservatives’ Balance Sheet. L. F. Giblin. The Growth of a Central Bank. Davis McEntire. The Labor Force in Cnlifornia. Fritz Redlich. The Beginnings and Development of German Business History. John H. Adler, Eugene R. Schlesinger and E. Van Westerborg. The Pattern of United States Import Trade since 1923. Emrys Jones (ed.). Belfast in its Regional Setting. (Handbook for the British Association.