The Economic History Review

The grain trade in northern Europe before 1350

Volume 55 Issue 2
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Pages: 219-247Authors: Nils Hybel
Published online: June 28, 2008DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00219

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A network of interregional grain routes extended across northern Europe in the century before 1350. With an interlude from c . 1310 to 1330 English grain was shipped to western Norway and the last decades before 1350 witnessed increasing English deliveries to the Netherlands. The most important of these commercial links were the grain routes from Mecklenburg, Pomerania, and Prussia to Norway, England, and the Netherlands established on a regular basis c . 1300. In western Europe the Baltic grain deliveries were an alternative source of supply which affected prices, urbanization, and the profitability of arable farming.