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Testimonial from a recent grant recipient: “My dissertation achieved a First grade (75), and was commended for its innovative use of sources; this would not have been possible without the funding from the Economic History Society – thank you!”

The Society will consider applications for small grants for undergraduate projects in economic and social history.

The projects must be for final degree examinations in United Kingdom colleges and universities. The amount awarded will not normally be over £250.

How to apply:

  • There is no application form. Students should compose a brief statement.
  • The student should send the application to the administrative secretary at the email address below.
  • The application should give the title and proposed nature of the project.
  • It should clearly indicate how the research is related to economic and/or social history.
  • It should include anticipated expenditure and explain the need for that expenditure.
  • It should indicate how much the project will contribute to the final degree classification.
  • The supervisor should send a letter of support separately to the administrator. The letter must explain how the project relates to economic and/or social history.
  • Applications may be submitted at any time.

Please note that no award will be made for:

  • Subsistence costs (i.e. food and drink)
  • The purchase of equipment, books and other materials*
  • Fees/licences/rights*
  • Conference attendance costs

* Applicants may purchase books/fees/licences/rights, with any grant awarded, for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further information may be obtained from the Administrators.