Yitong Qiu

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London School of Economics

Power and Identity in the Qing Empire: A study of material culture through confiscation inventories 1700-1912

I am most grateful to the EHS for the award of a PhD bursary. It has helped me to write up the last part of my thesis during the third year of my studies. I study the Qing empire through examining household possessions to understand the ways of distinction among Han, Manchu, Mongol, and Muslim elites. It is the first comprehensive study of household economies across the Qing territory except for Mongolia and Tibet.

The bursary provided financial support during my writing-up year, helping me to cover living expenses, stationery costs, and external library copying fees. The contribution made a large difference to me, especially during the Covid pandemic. It contributed to my smooth transition to online teaching and learning. I would like to thank the Society for its help.