2023 EHS Annual Conference

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The EHS Annual Conference 2023 was held in the Ramphal Building at the University of Warwick, 31 March – 2 April.

View the 2023 draft conference programme.

View the 2023 NR Posters and Videos here.


Prize winners announced at the conference

NR Paper Prize – Christian Vedel (University of Southern Denmark), A perfect storm and the natural endowments of trade-enabling infrastructure

NR Poster Prize – Jonathan Jayes (Lund University), Praise the people or praise the place: Labour market responses to a technological shock in 20th-century Sweden

Thirsk-Feinstein Dissertation Prize – Victoria Gierok (University of Oxford), The development of wealth inequality in the German territories of the Holy Roman Empire, 1300-1800

TS Ashton Prize – Cheng Yang (Renmin University of China & CAMPOP), A new estimate of Chinese male occupational structure during 1734–1898 by sector, sub-sector pattern, and region