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Volume 50 Issue 4
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Pages: 833-852
Published online: June 28, 2008DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00079

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Lewis, Carenza, Mitchell-Fox, Patrick and Dyer, Christopher Village, hamlet and field: Changing medieval settlements in central England Dobson, R.B. Church and society in the medieval north of England Gervers, Michael (ed.) The cartulary of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem in England, 2: Prima Camera Goldberg, P.J.P. (trans. and ed.) Women in England, c. 1275-1525: documentary sources Griffiths, Paul, Fox, Adam and Hindle, Steve (eds.) The experience of authority in early modern England Gowing, Laura Domestic dangers: women, words and sex in early modern London Hunt, Margaret R. The middling sort: commerce, gender, and the family in England, 1680-1780 Whatley, Christopher A. The industrial revolution in Scotland Knowles, Anne Kelly Calvinists incorporated: Welsh immigrants on Ohio’s industrial frontier Gurney, Peter Co-operative culture and the politics of consumption in England 1870-1930 Riley, James C. Sick, not dead: the health of British workingmen during the mortality decline Beik, William Urban protest in seventeenth-century France: the culture of retribution Grouzet, Francois Britain, France and international commerce: from Louis XIV to Victoria Green, Nancy L. Ready-to-wear and ready-to-work: a century of industry and immigrants in Paris and New York Biggs, Lindy The rational factory: architecture, technology, and work in America’s age of mass production Roy, William G. Socializing capital: the rise of the large industrial corporation in America Clarence-Smith, William Gervase (ed.) Cocoa pioneer fronts since 1800: the role of smallholders, planters and merchants Firmin-Sellers, Kathryn The Transformation of property rights in the Gold Coast Lee, James and Campbell, Cameron Fate and fortune in rural China: social organisation and population behaviour in Liaoning, 1774-1873 Hanley, Susan B. Everyday things in premodern Japan: the hidden legacy of material culture ? Eichengreen, Barry Globalizing capital: a history of the international monetary system