The Economic History Review


Volume 40 Issue 2
Pages: 297-297
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1987.tb00434.x

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GREAT BRITAIN Ellen Wedemeyer Moore. The fairs of medieval England: an introductory survey. Graham Platts. History of Lincolnshire IV: land and people in medieval Lincolnshire. Colum Giles. Rural houses of west Yorkshire, 1400-1830. Lucy Caffyn. Workers’housing in west Yorkshire, 1750-1920. Paul S. Seaver. Wallington’s world: a puritan artisan in seventeenth-century London. J. M. Beattie. Crime and the courts in England, 1660-1800 John V. Pickstone. Medicine and industrial society: a history of hospital development in Manchester and its region 1752-1946. Biancamaria Fontana. Rethinking the politics of commercial society: the Edinburgh Review, 1802-1832. John Belchem. Orator Hunt’: Henry Hunt and English working-class radicalism. Roy Church (with the assistance of Alan Hall and John Kanefsky). The history of the British coal industry. Volume 2: 1830-1913. Victorian pre-eminence. T. C. Smout. A century of the Scottish people, 1830-1950. D. C. M. Platt. Britain’s investment overseas on the eve of the First World War: the use and abuse of numbers. Eric Taplin. The Dockers’union: a study of the National Union of Dock Labourers, 1889-1922. Anthony Sutcliffe (Ed.). Metropolis, 1890-1940. S. N. Broadberry. The British economy between the wars; a macroeconomic survey. J. M. Winter. The Great War and the British people. Alec Cairncross. The price of war: British policy on German reparations, 1941-1949. Stephen Wagg. The football world: a contemporary social history. George Gordon (Ed.). Regional cities in the United Kingdom, 1890-1980. GENERAL Donald Reid. The miners of Decazeville: a genealogy of de-industrialization. Steven Laurence Kaplan and Cynthia J. Koepp (Eds.). Work in France: representations, meaning, organization and practice. Richard J. Evans and W. R. Lee (Eds.). The German peasantry: conflict and community in rural society from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. A. Heerding. (Translated by Derek S. Jordan.) The history of N. V. Philips’gloeilampenfabrieken. Volume 1. The origin of the Dutch incandescent lamp industry. Juan Hernaandez Andreu. Espana y la crisis de 1929. Witold Kula. (Trans, by Richard Szreter.) Measures and men. S. G. Wheatcroft and R. W. Davies (Eds.). Materials for a balance of the Soviet national economy, 1928-1930. John M. Hemphill II. Virginia and the English commercial system, 1689-1733: studies in the development and fluctuations of a colonial economy under imperial control. Leonard S. Reich. The making of American industrial research: science and business at GE and Bell, 1876-1926. Naomi R. Lamoreaux. The great merger movement in American business, 1895-1904. D’ann Campbell. Women at war with America: private lives in a patriotic era. Lewis R. Fischer and Gerald E. Panting (Eds.). Change and adaptation in maritime history: the north Atlantic fleets in the nineteenth century. Dianne Newell. Technology on the frontier: mining in old Ontario. Andrew Gordon. The evolution of labor relations in Japan: heavy industry, 1853-1955. Jane Rendall. The origins of modern feminism. Michael Turner (Ed.). Malthus and his time. Nathan Rosenburg and L. E. Birdzell. How the west grew rich: the economic transformation of the industrial world. Charles P. Kindleberger. Keynesianism vs. monetarism and other essays in financial history. Publications of The Economic History Society