The Economic History Review


Volume 39 Issue 4
Pages: 652-672
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1986.tb01260.x

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Books reviewed in this article: GREAT BRITAIN Alison Hanham. The Celys and their World. George F. Steckley (Ed.). The Letters of John Paige, London Merchant, 1648-1658. R. A. HOUSTON. Scottish Literacy and the Scottish Identity. George Rude. Criminal and Victim: Crime and Society in Early Nineteenth-Century England. L. Richmond and B. Stockford (Eds.). Company Archives: The Survey of the Records of woo of the First Registered Companies in England and Wales. Lucy Brown. Victorian News and Newspapers. Ian Inkster (Ed.)- The Steam Intellect Societies-Essays on Culture, Education and Industry, circa 1820-1914. H. G. A. Vissink. Economic and Financial Reporting in England and the Netherlands: A Comparative Study over the Period 1850 to 1914. H. A. Clegg. A History of Trade Unions since 1889. Vol. II: 1911-1933. GENERAL Raymond Gillespie. Colonial Ulster: The Settlement of East Ulster, 1600-1641. James D. Tracy. A Financial Revolution in the Habsburg Netherlands: Renten and Renteniers in the County of Holland, 1515-1565. John D. Post. Food Shortage, Climatic Variability, and Epidemic Disease in Pre-industrial Europe: The Mortality Peak in the Early 1740s. Kathryn Norberg. Rich and Poor in Grenoble, 1600-1814. Judith E. Tucker. Women in Nineteenth-Century Egypt. Peter Gatrell. The Tsarist Economy, 1850-1917. Moshe Lewin. The Making of the Soviet System: Essays in the Social History oflnterwar Russia. Harold G. Vatter. The U.S. Economy in World War II. Allan Greer. Peasant, Lord, and Merchant: Rural Society in Three Quebec Parishes, 1740-1840. M. S. Teitelbaum and JAY M. Winter. The Fear of Population Decline. A. J. Brown. World Inflation Since 1950: An International Comparative Study.