2024 EHS Annual Conference

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The 2024 Annual Conference was held in the CCE1 Building at Northumbria University, 5 – 7 April.

View the 2024 conference programme.

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Prize winners announced at the conference

NR Paper Prize (3 prize winners)

Louise Cormack (Lund University), Life-long effects from cash transfers in childhood: The 1938 child allowance reform in Sweden

Héctor Paredes (Paris School of Economics), Land without masters: Local political competition since the Peruvian Land Reform, 1969-80

Iris Wohnsiedler (Trinity College Dublin), Breaking boundaries: Women, labour unions and political activism in early 20th-century Germany


NR Poster Prize (1 prize winner)

Kirsty Peacock (University of Oxford), ‘Men must fight, and women must work – and weep’: New opportunities for women clerks in wartime City of London Banks? 1914-1918


Thirsk-Feinstein Dissertation Prize (2 prize winners)

Sam Geens (University of Antwerp), A Golden Age for labour? Income and wealth before and after the Black Death in the Southern Low Countries and the Republic of Florence, 1275-1550

Robert Yee (Princeton University/University of Oxford), The rise of expert opinion: The Bank of England and interwar economic governance, 1914-1940


First Monograph Prize (2 prize winners)

Ghassan Moazzin (University of Hong Kong), Foreign Banks and Global Finance in modern China: Banking on the Chinese Frontier, 1870-1919

Maanik Nath (Utrecht University), Capital Shortage: credit and Indian Economic Development, 1920-60


TS Ashtonn Prize (1 prize winner)

Mattia C. Bertazzini (University of Nottingham), The effect of settler farming on indigenous agriculture: Evidence from Italian Libya