Bursary Scheme for PhD Students

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The Economic History Society invites applications for one-year bursaries of up to £5,000 to assist doctoral students (PhD) in United Kingdom colleges and universities. The bursaries will be open to students (full or part-time) at any stage of their PhD career in economic and/or social history.  Please note that applications from students currently in receipt of a full stipendiary award, or a fully-funded studentship covering fees and living costs, would not be considered.  Applications for funding for research-related expenses should be submitted to the Research Fund for Graduate Students The Bursary is primarily aimed at supporting students without full external funding to continue their studies, and to support unexpected changes in e.g. rent, living expenses, child support, etc. Applicants will be asked to give an itemised breakdown of expenditure.  

Applicants must be members of the Economic History Society.  Join here.

Any queries should please be directed to the Administrator.

Deadline for applications: 1 July 2022.